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The greatest Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Jr. community on LJ
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11th-Jun-2015 11:02 pm - RIP Dusty
I know this place hasn't had any action for a long time, but it wouldn't feel right not posting this here. Rest in peace, Dusty Rhodes.


WWE is deeply saddened that Virgil Runnels, aka “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes — WWE Hall of Famer, three-time NWA Champion and one of the most captivating and charismatic figures in sports entertainment history — passed away today at the age of 69.

Runnels became a hero to fans around the world thanks to his work ethic, his impassioned interviews and his indomitable spirit. Moreover, Runnels was a dedicated father to WWE Superstars Goldust (Dustin Runnels) and Stardust (Cody Runnels), a caring husband and a creative visionary who helped shape the landscape of WWE long after his in-ring career had ended.

WWE extends its sincerest condolences to Runnels’ family, friends and colleagues.
30th-Jan-2015 03:58 pm - A video to remember...
Codiasi video made by me... hope you gusy like it :)

2nd-Jan-2015 08:10 pm - Oldies but Goodies Picspam!
[J2] Everyone knows
I bring to you the pics we all swooned over in Legacy's glory days as Cody was PF'ing everywhere and Ted couldn't quite keep his hands off Codes. I got hit with nostalgia when rewatching old matches and figured I'd make everyone suffer with me.

Picspam away!Collapse )
1st-Jan-2015 09:05 pm - Ted at Cody's Wedding
[Wincest] erotically co-dependent
Not sure if this was already posted or not, but heck I thought it was insanely cute so I'd figure I post it again if it already was. Sorry if it is the second time you're all seeing it.

See Cody, Dusty, Dustin and Ted at his wedding <3

I just thought it was adorable that even after all these years that they're still friends, best friends if he's in his wedding party. Judging from the color matching of his vest I'd say it's a fair bet he was.

18th-Jun-2014 09:15 pm - Stardust
Whenever I see Stardust, I start singing "Good Morning Starshine."

 photo STARDUST_06162014sb_0037_zps7dfd42a6.jpg

Nine more amazing pictures under the cutCollapse )
17th-Jun-2014 07:38 pm - One more instagram shot of Stardust
LuRe Big Bang
This is incredible... digis are next!

16th-Jun-2014 11:16 pm - I want a new icon of this
Teen Wolf: Stiles
Meet Stardust. The most amazing thing I've ever seen. Also, there was a fic written about this about 5 years ago.

 photo InstagramStardust_zpsab2c5682.jpg


Digis to come tomorrow. They're too fabulous to not post. Oh my god.
12th-Jun-2014 12:51 pm - The scars of the Superstars
 photo 07_codyrhodes_zpsea9bf334.jpg

Location: Forehead

“I believe it was June 30, 2007. June 30th is my birthday. I was brought up from the developmental system and was on the road for the first time. I hadn’t debuted on television, and I was appearing at Raw Live Events. My first match was with Daivari. In the first three minutes of the bout, I hit the ropes confidently, bounced back and he pointed his elbow right in between my eyes. And that’s when I realized I was completely busted open. Now, I had seen my dad gushing all the time and thought this was cool. But I remember looking at a kid in the front row gasping — and then realized I hit an artery and everything squirted out."

“Mike Chioda, the senior referee, stopped my very first match. I was taken to the back and, instead of microstitches or glue, got cable stitches. Those cable stitches developed into my ‘Harry Potter’ scar, which I have today. Funny side story: Randy Orton, who rode with me during my very first weekend, told me I should get a little air on it. So I opened the window and two of my cable stitches popped open. Plasma dripped down my nose in Applebee’s for about 40 minutes.”

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